Postcard - Klaus Alsace

Hello, my name is Klaus.

I've travelled the world and
searched for delicious flavours to
add a spin to an Alsace tradition.

Below I've shared all my stories
of my adventures along the way.


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I met with a man
who hailed from Lambok.
He spoke of a bird with
a tik-tok-frock.

And feathers of fire,
a deafening squawk.
It was the oddest story that
the man did talk.

Stamp Fire

“Beware The Taliwang Chicken”
he began loudly shouting.
“It scorches all crops that show
signs of sprouting.

She’s plagued these here lands
- every farm, every nation.
Starving the people for
many generations.”

Tick Tock Frock

In hindsight, the man
was probably drunk,
says he slayed the fowl beast
with a one-two-three-clunk.

- I wondered with haste,
how would the legendary
fire-chicken taste?

Taliwang Chicken

Guess what
happened to me today,
luncheon with a
Sultan Prince...wahey!

He wore robes of
gold and a cheeky smile,
and played his Pipe Organ
for quite a while.

Khanjar Dagger

He was full of charm
with a confident swagger,
by his side hung a curved
Khanjar Dagger.

His bodyguard,
the meanest you’ve ever seen,
accused me of night time robbery
in the Levantine.

Klaus Middle East

Hailed a thief
and promptly arrested,
“He’s with me! He’s innocent!”
the Prince contested.

Thrown in a truck, with
no chance for discussion.
“Release him now, he’s in the
Orchestral percussion!”

Grandma-ma is
a mysterious lady,
don’t speak o’ the past,
which I find kinda shady.

Once upon-a-time
she’d wake the dead,
An’ turn moaning-men into
freshly baked-bread.

All I know is
she‘s a master baker,
a force to be reckoned with
- a real troublemaker.

She longs to sail
the forbidden seas,
although she’s well
into her Eight-ies!

Master Baker

She just got married
to a chap from Tahiti,
together they’re lovely,
he’s such a sweetie.

A perfect pairing
if ever existed,
One wonderfully sweet,
the other quite twisted.

Bits Grandmas New Man

On my travels
‘round Scotl-and,
the storms hit hard,
totally unplanned.

Hiking up
the country lanes,
soaked to the bone,
drenched by the rains.


A truck pulled up
by an old oak tree,
the driver gave me his
hat and a Bovril tea.

En-route to London
- one hell of a drive,
But in this weather,
I would not survive!

Klaus Scottish Salmon

So I joined him on
his long drawn journey.
A trawler-man, they
called him Ernie.

Catching fine salmon
earned him his fortune,
he’d sell it - smoked - at the
East London auction.

Speach Bubble

An Alsatian Beer?
Have you heard such a thing?!
One li’l sip and...hello...
ding ding!

Last night I drank
maybe one maybe four,
awaking this morning
- I could have drunk more!


My dreams were so vivid
I thought I could fly,
alongside the Storks we
filled the night sky.

Holding the hops
close to our chests,
we dropped them off to
our house-top nests.


This beer’s yummy...
all floral and herbal,
I must get down, but
oh! one last hurdle.

I suddenly realised
I’d become nest-stuck.
So I called down below“
Hey! Wish me gluck!”

three Hops

I went for a hike in the
French Alps this week,
five long hours,
one hell of a peak.

On the descent,
I noticed a gleam,
beaming from within a
free-flowing stream.

I called to Aunt Ginny...
“A mystery to unfold!”,
Cripes she yelped...
it’s a Still made of gold!

We hauled it out
with one mighty yank,
and carried it straight
to the family bank.

Gold Still

“It’s two hundred years old!”
an expert exclaimed,
Our songs of joy could
not be contained.

She restored the Still
to it’s former glory,
and created a Gin with
one heck of a story!